September 2015 to August 2016

As part of our commitment to community development the following organisations have been the recipients of funding from the Club's Grants program 1st September 2015 to 31st August 2016.

OrganisationProgram Or Service FundedValueTypeCategory
The Infants Home Fundraising Cocktail Party $900.00  CASH Cat 1
Club Five Dock Presidents Black Tie Dinner for Russell Lea Infants School $1,800.00  CASH Cat 2
Rotary Club of Ryde Circus Quircus $1,000.00  CASH Cat 2
Chris O'Brien Lifehouse Donation $1,000.00  CASH Cat 2
Concord Cancer Centre Haematology Research $1,500.00  CASH Cat 2
Ceroc Annual Ball $200.00  VOUCHERS NON CDSE
Royal Institute for Deaf & Blind Children Donation $500.00  CASH Cat 1
Barnardo's Australia Donation $600.00  CASH Cat 2
Balmain Fun Run Sponsorship $3,000.00  CASH Cat 2
Choir D'Abruzzo Donation $1000.00  CASH Cat 2
Wheelchair Sports NSW Donation $7, 500.00  CASH Cat 2
Tigers Locals X'mas Charity Event Donation $200.00  VOUCHERS NON CDSE
Concord High School Donation $200.00  VOUCHERS NON CDSE
Rotary Club of Liverpool West Children's Circus $900.00 CASH Cat 2
Leichardt Public School Support Unit Educational Programs $500.00 CASH Cat 2
Mayor's Golf Day Sponsorship $2, 000.00 CASH Cat 2
Assoc. Isole Eolie Festa Di san Bartolomeo $3,000.00 Cash Cat 2
Drummoyne Public School Resources $3,000.00 CASH Cat 2
Communities for Communities Fundraiser $510.00 Cash Cat 2
Concord Public School Fete $1, 000.00 Cash Cat 2
Concord West Public School Movie Night $500.00 Cash Cat 2
Learning Links Race Day $250.00 VOUCHERS NON CDSE
Breast Cancer Gala Dinner Raffle Prizes $250.00 VOUCHERS NON CDSE
Youth off the Streets Director's Raffle September $4012.73 Cash NON CDSE
Accli Bocce Donation $560.00 Cash Cat 2
St Vincent's Hospital Fundraiser $500.00 Cash Cat 2
Team Eager Beavers Fundraising Walk $500.00 Cash Cat 2
The Ella Centre Donation $5,000.00 Cash Cat 2 
Sunnyfield X'mas Party Donation  $500.00 Cash Cat 2
Strathfield Bridge Club Donation $1,000.00 Cash Cat 2
Assoc. Bagnara Calabra Fundraising Dinner $1,200.00 Cash  Cat 2 
Stroke Recovery Association Donation  $1,000.00 Cash  Cat 2 
Drummoyne Swimming Club  Equipment  $3,000.00 Cash Cat 2
CBC Social Golf Club  Equipment  $500.00 Cash  Cat 2
Haberfield Chamber of Commerce Haberfield Festa  $2,500.00 Cash Cat 2
Christoper Ius  Junior Sport  $500.00 Cash  Cat 2 
Ethnic Community Services Cooperative  Fundraising   $500.00 Cash  Cat 2
Lara Jean Association Movie Mayhem  $500.00 Cash  Cat 2 
Muscular Dystrophy NSW Director's Raffle October $2900.92  Cash NON CDSE  
Can Teen Special Director's Raffle & Bandanna sales $1296.32 Cash NON CDSE
Barnardos Movie Day $600.00 Cash Cat 2
Exodus Foundation Christmas Lunch $1000.00 Cash Cat 2
Koori Kids Operation Xmas $1,00.00 Cash Cat 2
Concord Cancer Centre Commanders Cup Golf Day $1,500.00 Cash Cat 2
Wheelchair Sports Christmas Appeal $1,000.00 Cash Cat 2
Communities for Communities Carols By Candlelight $2,500.00 Cash Cat 2
Lifeline MovinOn Fundraising Walk $500.00 Cash Cat 2
Interlions Soccer Club Sponsorship $20,000.00 Cash Cat 2
AFG Charities Prostate Cancer Research $700.00 Cash Cat 2
St. Ezekiel Moreno Nursing Home Building Works $2,000.00 Cash Cat 2
Drug Arm Movie Day $500.00 Cash Cat 2
The Shepherd Centre Director's Raffle November $3618.27   Cash Non CDSE 
FIVE DOCK BOWLS CLUB Score Cards $454.50 Cash Non CDSE
Bear Cottage Director's Raffle December $2342.73 Cash Non CDSE
Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife X'mas Ham Raffles proceeds $3748.00 Cash Non CDSE
Redkite X'mas Toy Raffle proceeds $3,907.00 Cash Non CDSE
Inner West Magic Junior Sport $8,500.00 Cash Cat 2
Concord Junior Soccer Club Junior Sport $20,000.00 Cash Cat 2
Wheelchair Sports NSW Race Day $2,100.00 Cash Cat 2
Leichardt Juniors Rugby League FC Junior Sport $12,000.00 Cash Cat 2
Lara Murray Water Polo Sponsorship $500.00 Cash Cat 2
St Mark's Easter Fete Platinum Sponsorship $2,000.00 Cash Cat 2
Royal Rehab Foundation Disability Support Services $500.00 Cash Cat 2
Wests Juniors Rugby Club Inc. Junior Sport $5,000.00 Cash Cat 2
Abbotsford Juniors Football Club Junior Sport $20,000.00 Cash Cat 2
Jo Lees - The Ride For A Reason Cancer Council Fundraising $250.00 Cash Cat 2
Rhys Baxter Mobility Support $1,200.00 Cash Non CDSE
Leichardt Rowing Club Junior Rowers $3,500.00 Cash Cat 2
Concord Burwood Wolves Junior Sport $2,000.00 Cash Cat 2
Concord West P&C Food & Film festival $1,000.00 Cash Cat 2
Sydney Coast Track - Fred Hallows Fundraising $1,000.00 Cash Cat 2
Jeuvenille Arthritis Fundraiser Sponsorship $2,500.00 Cash Cat 2
Recreation of the Third Age Aged Social Group $500.00 Cash Cat 2
Mortlake Public School Winter Family Fair $3,000.00 Cash Cat 2
Tiny Miracles Gala Dinner Newborn Care $1,000.00 Cash Cat 2
CO.AS.IT Italian National Ball $2,700.00 Cash Cat 2
Leichardt Juniors Soccer Club Junior Sport $13,000.00 Cash Cat 2
ACCLI BOCCE Aged Sport $3,000.00 Cash Cat 2
Russell Lea Infants School Fete $3,000.00 Cash Cat 2
Bill Crews Charitable Trust Director's Raffle - February $3,085.46 Cash Non CDSE
Marist Dragons Boat Club Dragon Boat Fundraising $1,500.00 Cash Cat 2
St Albans Anglican Church Community Garden $600.00 Cash Cat 2
James Sanders - WGF Giraffe Research $2,000.00 Cash Cat 2
Asbestos Disease Foundation Race Day   $2,000.00 Cash Non CDSE
Rotary Club of Ryde Circus Quircus $1,200.00 Cash Cat 2
Balmain Bowls Club Score Cards $454.50 Cash Cat 2
Epilepsy Action Childhood Epilepsy $1,000.00 Cash Cat 2
Italian Republic Day Annual Lunch Room Hire $1000.00 IN KIND Non CDSE
Blues Wheelchair Basketball Sport $5,000.00 Cash Cat 2
Wheelchair Sports NSW Hole Sponsor $1,500.00 Cash Cat 2
Mark Hughes Foundation Fundraising $1,000.00 Cash Cat 2
Communities for Communities Room Hire $1,000.00 IN KIND Non CDSE
Communities for Communities Donation $2,000.00 Cash Cat 2
Interlions Womens Soccer Room Hire $600.00 IN KIND Non CDSE
Interlions Womens Soccer Donation $1,000.00 Cash Cat 2
Harry's Men's Shed Equipment $5,000.00 Cash Cat 2
The Survivorship Centre - Concord Hospital Director's Raffle - March $3,055.45 Cash Non CDSE
Canada Bay Council Sponsorship Opportunities $10,000.00 Cash Cat 2
Share the Dignity Room Hire $1,000.00 IN KIND Non CDSE
Share The Dignity Donation $490.00 Cash Cat 2
Touched By Olivia Sponsorship $5,000.00 Cash Cat 2
The Bay Run Sponsorship $3,500.00 Cash Cat 2
Wheelchair Sports Golf Day Sponsor $1,500.00 Cash Cat 2
Canada Bay Council Sustainability Awards $650.00 Cash Non CDSE
Think Pink Fundraising $1,000.00 Cash Cat 2
Cabarita Mortlake Kindy Room Hire $600.00 IN KIND Non CDSE
Barnardos Movie Day $900.00 Cash Cat 2
Special Childrens X'mas Party Special Needs Children $1,200.00 Cash Cat 2
Five Dock All Saints Netball Junior Sport $20,000.00 Cash Cat 2
Guide Dogs NSW/ACT Directors Raffle - April $3263.34 Cash Non CDSE
Mitochondrial Disease Fundraiser Room Hire $600.00 IN KIND Non CDSE
Massey Park Golf Club Charity Golf Day $2,000.00 Cash Cat 2
Kids Cancer Research Trust Kids Cancer $1,000.00 Cash Cat 2
Computer Pals Seniors Computer Group $1,000.00 Cash Cat 2
MovinOn Room Hire for Lifeline Fundraiser $600.00 IN KIND Non CDSE
Strathfield Football Club Room Hire for Club Fundraiser $600.00 IN KIND Non CDSE
Learning Links Donation $460.00 Cash Cat 2
Lucas Gardens Educational Programs $2,500.00 Cash Cat 2
Abbotsford Public School Cookbook $800.00 Cash Cat 2
Seed Harvest Spoon Junior Educational Program $1,000.00 Cash Cat 2
Steve Waugh Foundation The Captains Ride $1,000.00 Cash Cat 2
Concord Hospital Opera Night at Rivendell $10,000.00 Cash Cat 2
Inner Western Suburbs Netball Room Hire - Presentation Day $1,000.00 IN KIND Non CDSE
ACLI BOCCE Room Hire $1,000.00 IN KIND Non CDSE
Celebrate African Australians Room Hire - Fundraiser $600.00 IN KIND Non CDSE
Sydney Juniors Triathlon Club Junior Sport $500.00 Cash Cat 2
Wheelchair Rugby League Sport $5,000.00 Cash Cat 2
Drummoyne Community Centre Volunteers Enhancement Program $2,500.00 Cash Cat 1
Special Olympics Australia Fundraiser $1,000.00 Cash Cat 2
Concord High School Junior Sport $1,500.00 Cash Non CDSE
Share the Dignity Directors Raffle - May $3311.19 Cash Non CDSE
Volunteer Network Volunteer Information and Outreach $4,900.00 Cash Cat 1
Wesley Community Services Ltd Child Mentoring Program $5887.50 Cash Cat 1
Sir Roden & Lady Cutler Foundation Pick Me Up Service $10,000.00 Cash Cat 1
Bowel Care Australia Annual Bowel Care Awareness and Screening Program $1,500.00 Cash Cat 1
Family Resource and Network Support Inc Swimming and Aqua aerobics for people with disability $6,400.00 Cash Cat 1
Handital Bilingual Support Worker Respite Project $3,800.00 Cash Cat 1
St. Basil's Homes "Mind Your Step"Program $4,800.00 Cash Cat 1
Royal Life Saving Society NSW Water Smart Kindy Kids $4,920.00 Cash Cat 1
The Leukaemia Foundation Hardship Program $3,000.00 Cash Cat 1
Youthsafe Helping children to assess everyday risk $2,155.00 Cash Cat 1
Epilepsy Action My Epilepsy Key $3,500.00 Cash Cat 1
Cancer Patients Foundation Look Good Feel Better $3,500.00 Cash Cat 1
Delta Society Australia Ltd Delta Therapy Dogs - Concord Hospital Pet Visits $3,076.00 Cash Cat 1
Learning Links Counting for Life $7,895.00 Cash Cat 1
Seed Harvest Spoon Biodiversity and Indigenous Knowledge Program $5,000.00 Cash Cat 1
Shine for Kids Cooperative Ltd Connecting Kids Program $7,500.00 Cash Cat 1
Concord West Rhodes Preschool Inc Bush Tucker $1,100.00 Cash Cat 1
Chiswick Community Activities Group Inc. Salsa4Seniors $4,225.00 Cash Cat 1
The Infants Home Ashfield Rhodes Community playgroup $5,194.00 Cash Cat 1
Concord Community Food Services Inc.  Volunteer Driver Reimbursements $5040.00 Cash Cat 1
1st Yaralla Sea Scout Group Equipment $896.00 Cash Cat 1
Trinity Grammar Junior Sport $1,100.00  Cash   Cat 2  
Lung Foundation Directors Raffle - June $3,399.48  Cash Non CDSE
The Baird Institute Fundraising $500.00  Cash   Non CDSE
St Mary's Villa Equipment $3000.00 Cash Cat 2
Juvenile Arthritis Fundraiser Fundraiser $200.00 VOUCHERS Non CDSE
Drug Arm Outreach Service $500.00 Cash Cat 2
State Emergency Services Room Hire for X'mas Function $800.00 IN KIND Non CDSE
St Joan of Arc School Fundraiser $1,000.00 Cash Cat 2
Concord Public School Twilight Market $1,500.00 Cash Cat 2
Stroke Club Meeting Costs $500.00 Cash Non CDSE
Concord Community Garden Purchase of plants $500.00 Cash Cat 2
Ashbury Netball Club Equipment $500.00 Cash Cat 2
Kalle Iivonen Junior Sport $500.00 Cash Cat 2
Sydney Childrens Hospital Randwick Tigers Christmas Charity Event $500.00 Cash Non CDSE
Corro D'Abruzzo Seniors Choir $1000.00 Cash Cat 2  
Yellow Diamond Foundation Fundraising Dinner $1,300.00 Cash   Non CDSE
Yellow Diamond Foundation Donation $2,000.00 Cash   Cat 2  
 St Ambrose Catholic PS Sports Challenge $395.00 Cash   Cat 2
Five Dock Falcons Junior Sport $2,500.00 Cash Cat 2
Acli Bocce Fundraiser $700.00 Cash Non CDSE
PCYC Balmain Kid's Activities $500.00 Cash Cat 2