At Canada Bay Club, we celebrate our multi-cultural family. One of our long-term restaurant owners is Mr Lau from Baysia restaurant. We wanted to learn more about this Chinese restaurant that has been running for over 25 years. Find out more about the family behind the delicious meals.

Q. Since when have you been working in Baysia at Canada Bay Club?

A. We opened our restaurant at the Canada Bay Club 30 years ago. When we first opened our doors the restaurant was located on the ground floor of the club. It then moved upstairs and we are now in our current location with the restaurant recently receiving a complete makeover with a modern interior and new name, Baysia.

Q. What is it about the club that has kept you here?

A. We are a family business and we have a regular clientele that we have come to know over the years. The couples and families who first came to our restaurant 30 years ago now come back with their children and grandchildren. We also enjoy being part of our customers’ celebrations such as Mothers Day, birthdays and anniversaries.

Q. Is your family involved with the restaurant?

A. My daughter and son starting working with me 20 years ago and my daughter in-law joined us five years ago. We are very much a local family business.

Q. How has the restaurant changed since you started at Canada Bay Club?

A. The look of the restaurant has certainly changed over the years. Previously the décor was of its time and had the traditional Australian Chinese restaurant look. Peoples’ expectations have changed now and giving Baysia a contemporary look ensures we move with the times. We also now have a private dining room, which is popular for birthday celebrations. It seats 60 to 90 people, depending on the table configurations, and has a lovely atmosphere for special events.

Although the location and look of the restaurant have changed over the years, we have a loyal team who has worked with us for many, many years. This has ensured we have been able to provide the same quality and service to our customers. Also, the size of the restaurant has remained the same, with seating for 240 people.

Q. What did your first menu look like?

A. The menu has remained very similar to when we first opened. Many times over the years we have introduced new menu options but our clientele enjoy their family favourites. When our regular customers come for lunch and dinner, they know what to order straight away.

Q. What are the most popular dishes at Baysia?

A. Peking duck, Hong Kong beef, prawn dumplings and prawns in hot garlic sauce.

Q. Have you built any special relationships with the clientele?

A. We are very hands on – every day someone from my family is working. Over the years we have developed relationships with our regular customers and have had the good fortune to watch their children grow and become parents themselves.

Q. How will you and your family celebrate this coming Chinese New Year?

A. We will enjoy a celebratory meal with our team in the restaurant and then it will be back to work for us. What gives us the most satisfaction is to ensure our customers enjoy Chinese New Year.

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