The Board has created a Sub Committee to assist with Board of Directors succession planning and achievement of the Club’s Strategic goals.  To this end interested members are invited to apply to join this Sub Committee.  It is considered that the Sub Committee with meet monthly for approximately two hours.  The Sub Committee’s time will be taken up with Observation, Education and Consultation.  The selection process will be broken into three parts.  Constitutional Qualification, Individual’s Qualification and an Interview.   

Constitutional Qualification

The member must meet the following criteria as laid out in the Club’s Constitution.

Section 55.

(a) The only members of the Club who are eligible to be nominated for, elected to or hold office on the Board will be financial members in the classes of Life membership and Club membership and who have not less than 5 consecutive years membership standing of the Club immediately preceding their nominations.

(b) A member is ineligible to be nominated for election to the Board if that member:

(i) has been cited to appear before the Board or the Board's duly constituted disciplinary committee on any charge and has been found guilty of that charge within the period of 5 years immediately prior to the date determined for the next Biennial General Meeting; or

(ii) has at any time been convicted of an indictable offence; or

(iii) is a former employee of the Club whose services were terminated by the Club for misconduct.  

Section 56

(b) A member who is not a financial member or is currently under suspension is ineligible to be nominated for or elected to the Board or to any office or committee or to perform duties as holder of an office or member of any committee, while the member remains not financial or during the period of such suspension. Any member who is already an elected Director and who is not a financial member or is currently under suspension will be able to perform only the duties of a Director until his or her term of office expires.

(Please note there are further qualifications required to nominate for a Directorship)

Individual Qualification

A short (1 page) resume highlighting your personal skill set.  Please include but not limit to, your business acumen, your community service history and your personal experience that would add value to this Club.


The Board of Directors would seek to interview candidates whom have successfully qualified on the first two items.