September 2018 to August 2019

As part of our commitment to community development the following organisations have been the recipients of funding from the Club's Grants program 1st September 2018 to 31st August 2019.

OrganisationProgram Or Service FundedValueTypeCategory
Inner West Magic Futsal Club Club operational funding $12,500.00  Cash Cat 2
Strathfield Bridge Club Christmas function $500.00  Cash Cat 2
Coleman Greig Challenge Sponsorship for Charity Cycle ride $500.00  Cash Cat 2
Breakfast Point Mens Shed Purchase of new equipment $3,615.00  Cash Cat 2
House to Grow An educational program for disabled children $375.00  Vouchers Cat 2
Youthsafe Skills for coaches of young athletes $600.00  Cash Cat 2
Balmain Fun Run Sponsorship $3,000.00  Cash Cat 2
Matthew McLachlan Funding for state cross country championship $100.00 Cash Cat 2
Rotary Club of Five Dock Charity Golf Day $200.00 Vouchers Cat 2
Koori Kids Christmas toy drive and Anzac school initiative $1,650.00  Cash Cat 2
Five Dock Leisure Centre Prizes for a fitness competition $500.00  Cash Non CDSE
Canada Bay Council - Mayors Golf Day Sponsorship $1,650.00  Cash Non CDSE
Ceroc Christmas Prizes $200.00  Vouchers Non CDSE
Balmain Fun Run Sponsorship 2km children's race $1,000.00  Cash Cat 2
Amici Bocce Italiana Club Funding $2,000.00 Cash Cat 2
Canada Bay Community Choir Donation $2,000.00 Cash Cat 2
Abbotsford Public School Donation $2,000.00 Cash Cat 2
Birchgrove Public School Donation $2,000.00 Cash Cat 2
Abbotsford Junior Football Club Donation $2,000.00 CASH Cat 2
Wests Junior Rugby Union Donation $2,000.00 Cash Cat 2
Balmain South Sydney Cricket Club Equipment for junior cricket $2,500.00 Cash Cat 2
Canada Bay Touch Footy Jersey sponsorship $500.00 Cash Cat 2
Abbotsford 12ft Sailing Club Junior sailing club program $8,000.00 Cash Cat 2
Acli Bocce Sponsorship $800.00 Cash Non CDSE
Mental Health Association Christmas event for children suffering from mental health issues $600.00 Cash Non CDSE
Balmain Public School Reading support program $1,000.00 Cash Cat 2
Jack Coleman Seven Bridges Walk for Cancer $100.00 Cash Non CDSE
200 Bales Support for farmers in need $650.00 Cash Cat 2
Yellow Diamond Foundation Fundraiser  $1,500.00 Cash Non CDSE
Trinity Grammar School P&C Association Fundraising Prizes $2,650.00 Cash & Vouchers Cat 2
Tiny Miracles Christmas party Sponsorship $250.00 Cash Cat 2
Concord Public School School Sponsorship $3,000.00 Cash Cat 2
Marie Bashir Public School Robotics Programme $1,500.00 Cash Cat 2
Concord Burwood Wolves Players apparel, training gear and insurance $5,000.00 Cash Cat 2
Lucas Gardens School Purchase of learning equipment $3,000.00 Cash Cat 2
Association Isole Eolie Festa - Association Isole Eolie $5,000.00 Cash Cat 2
Wests Juniors Rugby Union Jersey Sponsorship and Equipment $6,000.00 Cash Cat 2
Prostate Cancer Foundation Dine for a Cure Platinum Sponsorship of Event $10,000.00 Cash Cat 2
Concord Carnival (Canada Bay Council) Major Event Sponsor $3,000.00 Cash Cat 2
Sydney Open Backgammon Tournament Room Hire $600.00 Room Hire Non CDSE
Wheelchair Sports NSW Golf Day Sponsorship $880.00 Cash Cat 2
Microlend Australia Room Hire for Fundraising Dinner $800.00 Room Hire Non CDSE
Livin Room Hire for Youth Mental Health Seminar $800.00 Room Hire Non CDSE
Association Guillain Room Hire $800.00 Room Hire Non CDSE
Leichhardt Juniors Rugby League Football  Club Sponsorship $10,000.00 Cash Cat 2
Lauren Lyon Funding for State Rowing Championships $500.00 Cash Cat 2
Abbotsford Public School School Fete Funding $1,000.00 Cash Cat 2
Co.As.It Italian National Ball funding $3,000.00 Cash Non CDSE
St Marks Catholic Primary School Equipment $1,500.00 Cash Cat 2
Inter Lions Football Club Inc Club Sponsorship for Facilities and Jerseys $25,000.00 Cash Cat 2
Sir Roden and Lady Cutler Foundation Fundraising Golf Day Hole Sponsorship $2,000.00 Cash Cat 2
Microlend Australia Funding of micro ventures in Cambodia $1,000.00 Cash Cat 2
Rosebank College Donation for School Musical $1,000.00 Cash Non CDSE
Rotary Club of Darling Harbour Donation Towards Fundraising Event $100.00 Vouchers Non CDSE
St Patricks College Strathfield  To assist with costs for a Crircket tour to the UK $2,500.00 Cash  Cat 2 
Yvonne Pugh on behalf of Variety Club NSW  Donation towards Variety Club 2019 Bash  $200.00 Cash  Non CDSE
Rotary Club of Ryde  To provide Funding for Disabled Children to attend Circus Quirkus  $600.00 Cash  Non CDSE
Concord High School  Waived Room Hire for a Trivia Night  $700.00 Room Hire  Non CDSE
Daniel Michael (Paralympian )  To assist with Traing costs for Japan 2020 Para Olympics  $500.00 Cash  Non CDSE 
Croydon Public School  P & C  Inner West Lego Brick Fair Sponsorship  $500.00 Cash  Cat 2 
Five Dock All Saints Netball Club  Club sponsorship of Training & Equipment & Coaching development  $25,000.00 Cash Cat 2
Rosebank College  Kokoda Track Walk sponsorship  $2,000.00 Cash Cat2
PLC School P & F Association  Contribution to assist with School Gala day  $1,850.00 Cash & Vouchers  Cat 2
Concord Juniors Soccer Club  Jersey sponsorship & Equipment  $20,000.00 Cash Cat2
Five Dock Public School  To purchase new seats and equipment  $2,500.00 Cash  Cat 2 
NSW Mental Health Association  To sponsor Disabled  children to a movie event  $600.00 Cash Non CDSE 
Sumatran Sun Bears Team  To waive room hire for a Lunch Fundraising event  $800.00 Room Hire  Non CDSE
Abbotsford Public School  Donation towards Fundraising BBQ  $1,000.00 Cash Non CDSE 
Concord Hospital  To waive room hire for a Christmas in July Fundraiser  $800.00 Room Hire  Non CDSE 
Strathfield North Public School  To waive room hire for a Triva night by the P & C  $800.00 Room Hire  Non CDSE 
Sydney Backgammoners  To waive room hire for a Community Backgammon Tournament $800.00 Room Hire  Non CDSE
St Johns Ambulance NSW  To purchase a Specialised Stair chair for sporting events  $1,900.00 Cash  Cat 2 
Stiching Hearts  To purchase supplies to make Blankets for Concird Hospital Pallative Care  $1,000.00 Cash  Cat 2 
Greenlees Netball Club  To purchase new equipment and train Staff for Junior Netball  $2,500.00 Cash  Cat 2
Special Olympics  To sponsor a Golf day for the Special Olympics fundraising  $2,500.00 Cash  Non CDSE 
Drummoyne Public School  Gold sponsorship of School Fete  $3,000.00 Cash Non CDSE
Massey Park Golf Club  Hole sponsorship of Charity Golf day for Charlie Teo Foundation  $1,000.00 Cash  Non CDSE 
Canada Bay Touch Footy Club  Jersey sponsorship of Touch Football Team  $500.00 Cash  Cat 2
Canada Bay Council  Gold Sponsorship of Ferragosto Festival  $5,000.00 Cash  Cat 2 
Bay Run Sponsorship of the Bay Run- Dobroyd Point Public School  $4,000.00 Cash  Cat 2
Inner West Magic Futsal  Jersey & Equipment sponsorship of Mens & Womens Futsal  $15,000.00 Cash  Cat 2 
Five Dock Falcons  Upgrade of Baseball equipment for junior sport  $3,000.00 Cash  Cat 2
St Joan of Arc Primary School  To assist with costs for Shade Blinds for the School  $3,000.00 Cash  Cat 2
Canada Bay Mens Shed  To purchase a Metal working machine  $5,000.00 Cash  Cat 2 
Inner West Neighbour Aid  To provide a Christmas event for isolated Seniors in the local area  $3,100.00 Cash  Cat 2 
Russell Lea Public School  Platinum sponsorship of School Fete  $3,000.00 Cash  Cat 2 
Strathfield Bridge Club  To Fund Equipment & Trophies for the Club  $2,000.00 Cash  Cat 2
Masters Swimming 2020  Donation towards sponsorship of Masters swimming event  $2,000.00 Cash  Cat 2
Rivendell Flower Show  Major Sponsor of Flower Show for Concord Hospital  $10,000.00 Cash  Cat 2 
Balmain South Sydney Cricket Club  Equipment Funding & traing for the Club  $5,000.00 Cash  Cat 2 
Blankets for Charity  To Fund supplies to make Blankets for the homeless $500.00 Cash  Cat 2
Apia Leichhardt Tigers (Juniors)  Club sponsorhips and to fund equipment  $15,000.00 Cash  Cat 2
Kids on the Run  Sponsorship of Fitness /running program for local children  $2,500.00 Cash  Cat 2 
Communities for Communities  Sponsorship of Christmas Carols in Halliday Park  $2,500.00 Cash  Cat 2
Dragon Sports Association  Provide funding for Anniversary uniform  $1,500.00 Cash  Cat 2 
Coro d'Abruzzo-Sydney  Funding for uniforms for Local Chapter  $1,500.00 Cash  Cat 2 
Summer Hill Lakers Netball  Funding to assist Coaching & Development of Junior Netball  $5,000.00 Cash  Cat 2
West Harbour Rugby Sevens  Sponsorship of Rugby Sevens tournament  $5,000.00 Cash  Cat 2 
Motor Neurone Disease Association of NSW  Waived Room Hire for Charity Fundraiser event  $800.00 Room Hire  Cat 2