September 2018 to august 2019

OrganisationProgram or Service FundedValueTypeCategory
Inner West Magic Futsal ClubClub operational funding$12,500.00Cash
Cat 2
Strathfield Bridge ClubChristmas function$500.00 CashCat 2
Coleman Greig ChallengeSponsorship for Charity Cycle ride$500.00 CashCat 2
Breakfast Point Mens ShedPurchase of new equipment$3,615.00 CashCat 2
House to GrowAn educational program for disabled children$375.00 VouchersCat 2
YouthsafeSkills for coaches of young athletes$600.00 CashCat 2
Balmain Fun RunSponsorship$3,000.00 CashCat 2
Matthew McLachlanFunding for state cross country championship$100.00CashCat 2
Rotary Club of Five DockCharity Golf Day$200.00VouchersCat 2
Koori Kids
Christmas toy drive and Anzac school initiative$1,650.00 CashCat 2
Five Dock Leisure Centre
Prizes for a fitness competition$500.00 CashNon CDSE
Canada Bay Council – Mayors Golf Day
Sponsorship$1,650.00 CashNon CDSE
CerocChristmas Prizes$200.00 VouchersNon CDSE
Balmain Fun RunSponsorship 2km children’s race$1,000.00 CashCat 2
Amici Bocce ItalianaClub Funding$2,000.00CashCat 2
Canada Bay Community ChoirDonation$2,000.00CashCat 2
Abbotsford Public SchoolDonation$2,000.00CashCat 2
Birchgrove Public SchoolDonation$2,000.00
CashCat 2
Abbotsford Junior Football Club
CashCat 2
Wests Junior Rugby Union
Donation$2,000.00CashCat 2
Balmain South Sydney Cricket Club
Equipment for junior cricket$2,500.00CashCat 2
Canada Bay Touch Footy
Jersey Sponsorship$500.00CashCat 2
Abbotsford 12ft Sailing Club
Junior sailing club program$8,000.00CashCat 2
Acli Bocce
Sponsorship$800.00CashNon CDSE
Mental Health Association
Christmas event for children suffering from mental health issues$600.00CashNon CDSE
Balmain Public School
Reading support program$1,000.00CashCat 2
Jack Coleman
Seven Bridges Walk for Cancer$100.00
CashNon CDSE
200 Bales
Support for farmers in need$650.00CashCat 2
Yellow Diamond Foundation
Fundraiser $1,500.00CashNon CDSE
Trinity Grammar School P&C Association
Fundraising Prizes$2,650.00Cash & VouchersCat 2
Tiny Miracles Christmas party
Sponsorship$250.00CashCat 2
Concord Public School
School Sponsorship$3,000.00CashCat 2
Marie Bashir Public School
Robotics Programme$1,500.00CashCat 2
Concord Burwood Wolves
Players apparel, training gear and insurance$5,000.00CashCat 2
Lucas Gardens School
Purchase of learning equipment$3,000.00CashCat 2
Association Isole Eolie
Festa – Association Isole Eolie$5,000.00CashCat 2
Wests Juniors Rugby Union
Jersey Sponsorship and Equipment$6,000.00CashCat 2
Prostate Cancer Foundation Dine for a Cure
Platinum Sponsorship of Event$10,000.00CashCat 2
Concord Carnival (Canada Bay Council)
Major Event Sponsor$3,000.00CashCat 2
Sydney Open Backgammon Tournament
Room Hire$600.00Room HireNon CDSE
Wheelchair Sports NSW
Golf Day Sponsorship$880.00CashCat 2
Microlend Australia
Room Hire for Fundraising Dinner$800.00Room HireNon CDSE
Room Hire for Youth Mental Health Seminar$800.00Room HireNon CDSE
Association Guillain
Room Hire$800.00Room HireNon CDSE
Leichhardt Juniors Rugby League Football 
Club Sponsorship$10,000.00CashCat 2
Lauren Lyon
Funding for State Rowing Championships$500.00CashCat 2
Abbotsford Public School
School Fete Funding$1,000.00CashCat 2
Italian National Ball funding$3,000.00CashNon CDSE
St Marks Catholic Primary School
Equipment$1,500.00CashCat 2
Inter Lions Football Club Inc
Club Sponsorship for Facilities and Jerseys$25,000.00CashCat 2
Sir Roden and Lady Cutler Foundation
Fundraising Golf Day Hole Sponsorship$2,000.00CashCat 2
Microlend Australia
Funding of micro ventures in Cambodia$1,000.00CashCat 2
Rosebank College
Donation for School Musical$1,000.00CashNon CDSE
Rotary Club of Darling Harbour
Donation Towards Fundraising Event$100.00VouchersNon CDSE
St Patricks College Strathfield 
To assist with costs for a Cricket tour to the UK$2,500.00CashCat 2
Yvonne Pugh on behalf of Variety Club NSW 
Donation towards Variety Club 2019 Bash $200.00CashNon CDSE
Rotary Club of Ryde 
To provide Funding for Disabled Children to attend Circus Quirkus $600.00CashNon CDSE
Concord High School 
Waived Room Hire for a Trivia Night $700.00Room Hire Non CDSE
Daniel Michael (Paralympian ) 
To assist with Training costs for Japan 2020 Para Olympics $500.00CashNon CDSE
Croydon Public School  P & C 
Inner West Lego Brick Fair Sponsorship $500.00CashCat 2
Five Dock All Saints Netball Club 
Club sponsorship of Training & Equipment & Coaching development $25,000.00CashCat 2
Rosebank College 
Kokoda Track Walk sponsorship $2,000.00CashCat 2
PLC School P & F Association 
Contribution to assist with School Gala day $1,850.00Cash & Vouchers Cat 2
Concord Juniors Soccer Club 
Jersey sponsorship & Equipment $20,000.00CashCat 2
Five Dock Public School 
To purchase new seats and equipment $2,500.00CashCat 2
NSW Mental Health Association 
To sponsor disabled children to a movie event $600.00CashNon CDSE
Sumatran Sun Bears Team 
To waive room hire for a Lunch Fundraising event 
$800.00Room Hire Non CDSE
Abbotsford Public School 
Donation towards Fundraising BBQ $1,000.00CashNon CDSE
Concord Hospital 
To waive room hire for a Christmas in July Fundraiser $800.00Room Hire Non CDSE
Strathfield North Public School 
To waive room hire for a Trivia night by the P & C $800.00Room Hire Non CDSE
Sydney Backgammoners 
To waive room hire for a Community Backgammon Tournament$800.00Room Hire Non CDSE
St Johns Ambulance NSW 
To purchase a Specialised Stair chair for sporting events $1,900.00CashCat 2 
Stiching Hearts 
To purchase supplies to make Blankets for Concord Hospital Palliative Care $1,000.00CashCat 2 
Greenlees Netball Club 
To purchase new equipment and train Staff for Junior Netball $2,500.00CashCat 2 
Special Olympics 
To sponsor a Golf day for the Special Olympics fundraising $2,500.00CashNon CDSE
Drummoyne Public School 
Gold sponsorship of School Fete $3,000.00CashNon CDSE
Massey Park Golf Club 
Hole sponsorship of Charity Golf day for Charlie Teo Foundation $1,000.00CashNon CDSE
Canada Bay Touch Footy Club 
Jersey sponsorship of Touch Football Team $500.00CashCat 2
Canada Bay Council 
Gold Sponsorship of Ferragosto Festival $5,000.00CashCat 2
Bay Run
Sponsorship of the Bay Run- Dobroyd Point Public School $4,000.00CashCat 2
Inner West Magic Futsal 
Jersey & Equipment sponsorship of Mens & Womens Futsal $15,000.00CashCat 2
Five Dock Falcons 
Upgrade of Baseball equipment for junior sport $3,000.00CashCat 2
St Joan of Arc Primary School 
To assist with costs for Shade Blinds for the School $3,000.00CashCat 2
Canada Bay Mens Shed 
To purchase a Metal working machine $5,000.00CashCat 2
Inner West Neighbour Aid 
To provide a Christmas event for isolated Seniors in the local area $3,100.00CashCat 2
Russell Lea Public School 
Platinum sponsorship of School Fete $3,000.00CashCat 2
Strathfield Bridge Club 
To Fund Equipment & Trophies for the Club $2,000.00CashCat 2
Masters Swimming 2020 
Donation towards sponsorship of Masters swimming event $2,000.00CashCat 2
Rivendell Flower Show 
Major Sponsor of Flower Show for Concord Hospital $10,000.00CashCat 2
Balmain South Sydney Cricket Club 
Equipment funding & training for the Club $5,000.00CashCat 2
Blankets for Charity 
To Fund supplies to make Blankets for the homeless$500.00CashCat 2
Apia Leichhardt Tigers (Juniors) 
Club sponsorhips and to fund equipment $15,000.00CashCat 2
Kids on the Run 
Sponsorship of Fitness /running program for local children $2,500.00CashCat 2
Communities for Communities Sponsorship of Christmas Carols in Halliday Park $2,500.00CashCat 2
Dragon Sports Association 
Provide funding for Anniversary uniform $1,500.00CashCat 2
Coro d’Abruzzo-Sydney Funding for uniforms for Local Chapter $1,500.00CashCat 2
Summer Hill Lakers Netball Funding to assist Coaching & Development of Junior Netball $5,000.00CashCat 2
West Harbour Rugby Sevens Sponsorship of Rugby Sevens tournament $5,000.00CashCat 2
Motor Neurone Disease Association of NSW Waived Room Hire for Charity Fundraiser event $800.00Room Hire Cat 2