Concord Bowlo: A Century of Bowling, Brews, and Community in the Inner West

Nestled amidst the leafy parklands of Concord, NSW, lies Concord Bowlo, a local institution boasting nearly a century of rich history and community spirit. More than just a bowling green, it’s a vibrant hub for social gatherings, barefoot bowls fun, and delicious eats, all within a surprisingly peaceful oasis close to the heart of Sydney.

Early Days and Enduring Legacy:

Founded in 1932 with the help of a 1000-pound grant from the Concord Council, Concord Bowlo quickly became a destination for lawn bowls enthusiasts. But its significance goes beyond the sport. Throughout its decades, the Bowlo has served as a cornerstone of the Inner West community, fostering connections and celebrating milestones.

A Century of Milestones:

  • 1932: Official opening by Concord Mayor Alderman H R Harrison.
  • 1974: Women join the green with the formation of the Central Park (Concord) Women’s Bowling Club.
  • 1972: Prime Minister McMahon graces the green with a friendly game.
  • 2000: Hosts the Sydney Paralympic Games Bowling, with the Netherlands Paralympic team celebrating their after-party at the venue.
  • 2018: Achieves national fame by featuring in the iconic Hahn Superdry commercial with kilts and a horse!

Beyond the Green:

Concord Bowlo isn’t just about lawn bowls. It’s a place to gather with friends and family, enjoy delicious food and drinks, and create lasting memories. Here’s what makes it special:

  • Barefoot Bowls: Ditch the shoes and embrace the relaxed atmosphere of barefoot bowls, perfect for any occasion.
  • Functions and Events: From birthdays and weddings to corporate gatherings and social clubs, the Bowlo offers versatile spaces and catering options to suit your needs.
  • Local Brews and Eats: Enjoy a selection of craft beers and bites from the Food Truck on the weekends while soaking up the friendly atmosphere.
  • Hidden Gem: Despite its central location, the Bowlo’s parkland setting offers a surprising sense of escape and tranquility.

Experience the Legacy:

Whether you’re a seasoned bowler, a social butterfly, or simply looking for a unique and fun experience, Concord Bowlo has something for everyone. Come discover its rich history, vibrant atmosphere, and endless possibilities for fun and connection.


The Club now has an active membership base and often welcomes guests, including bowlers from Tigers Five Dock and all over Sydney. It’s currently home to Concord Bowling Club lawn bowls team. Each week there are also 2 bocce teams, Acli Bocce and Amici Bocce, who play at the club on a regular basis and continue this Italian tradition.

In December 2020 Concord Bowling Club amalgamated with Canada Bay Club giving members reciprocal membership to both Clubs and ensuring a bright future.

A new look renovation has been completed, keeping the warm character, but enhancing some of the facilities. The refresh has given the Club a new lease of life that will see it remain as an important part of the local community fabric for years to come. The Bowling Club’s friendly atmosphere and operations has remained the same, with the renovation breathing new life into this beloved venue.

It’s also available for functions and is the perfect blank canvas to create your dream event. Why not book out the space for your next celebration? Click here for more information.

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1A Clermont Ave
Concord NSW 2137

Open 7 Days
Monday 8am – 9pm
Tuesday 8am – 9pm
Wednesday 8am – 9pm
Thursday 8am – 11pm
Friday 8am – 11pm
Saturday 8am – 11pm
Sunday 8am – 9pm