Reward points every time you swipe your membership card

Discounted food & drinks

Free parking

Subsidised courtesy bus

Birthday rewards

Discounted holiday accommodation in Forster, NSW


How do you become a Canada Bay Club member?
Joining Canada Bay Club is as easy, simply come into the club and your membership will be processed by our friendly reception team – no forms required.

There are three membership options: five-year membership for $11; three-year membership for $5.00. (With 500 points in your account – equivalent of $5) and one-year membership for $3.30.

How do Canada Bay Club members renew membership?
It’s easy. Simply head to reception to renew your membership for one or five years. If your membership card shows the current year, renew your membership before the 31st July each year to avoid losing accumulated points and your current membership number. You would also become an Associated Member, which means you are unable to attend Annual General Meetings or vote in Club elections for two years.

What if I live within a 5km radius of Canada Bay Club?
If you’re visiting and you live within a 5km radius of the club, you need to either join the club, be a member of another registered club with similar objectives, or be signed in by an existing member of Canada Bay Club.


Canada Bay Club rewards its members by issuing points every time a member swipes their card at dining or drinking outlets at the club.

Points are issued in a tiered credit system – the more points you earn, the more rewards you receive and the higher status your membership holds.

Points are redeemable for food and drink purchases at Canada Bay Club as well as a variety of gift cards for Woolworths, Coles and Eftpos. Speak with our friendly staff for further information about Canada Bay Club Rewards program.