It is time for membership renewals. For those members who have a membership card which shows the year 2022 it is time to renew your membership. You can choose to renew for 5 years for only $11 or 1 year for $3.30. Our friendly reception team are available from 10am till 9pm, 7 days a week and payment can be made by cash, points or credit card. Credit card payment for renewals can also be accepted over the phone.

Renewing your membership will ensure you continue to receive member discounts on food and beverage, your birthday card GEM points and rewards from the members’ swipe terminal.

Plus, if you renew for 5 years by 31st July 2022 you will go in the draw for a chance to win a $500 Eftpos gift voucher.

If your membership does lapse, by not renewing by 31st July 2022, you will have to re-join the club losing your current membership number and any accumulated points on your card, you would also become an Associate member. An Associate member is unable to attend the Annual General Meeting or vote in club elections for a period of two years.


How do you become a Canada Bay Club member?

Joining Canada Bay Club is as easy, simply come into the club and your membership will be processed by our friendly reception team – no forms required.

There are two membership options: five-year membership for $11; one-year membership for $3.30.

How do Canada Bay Club members renew membership?

It’s easy. Simply head to reception to renew your membership for one or five years. If your membership card shows the current year, renew your membership before 31 July to avoid losing accumulated points and your current membership number. You would also become an Associated Member, which means you are unable to attend Annual General Meetings or vote in Club elections for two years.

What if I live within a 5km radius of Canada Bay Club?

If you’re visiting and you live within a 5km radius of the club, you need to either join the club, be a member of another registered club with similar objectives, or be signed in by an existing member of Canada Bay Club.