Whether you’ve organised several corporate events or you’re new to event planning, you’re likely to feel the pressure of your responsibilities. Whether attendees have a fantastic time or the event is a fizzer rests squarely on your shoulders. However, you needn’t stress about the details if you follow these simple tips.

Plan an Interesting Agenda

Don’t make the mistake of thinking a corporate event will simply run itself. Whether your event is an informative seminar or a fun Christmas party, it needs an agenda. Think of it as the framework for your event. The level of detail required in your agenda will be dictated by the type of event you’re holding. A seminar is a highly structured event, so it demands a detailed agenda. The Christmas party is a more relaxed opportunity for socialising, so its agenda can be a little looser.

Whatever the event you’re holding, make sure the agenda is interesting. Consider the goals of your company and the event’s attendees. Your agenda should reflect your company’s goals while offering value and engagement to attendees. Special guests are a great way to add interest to a corporate event. A seminar calls for engaging speakers, while a live band can make a corporate Christmas party more memorable.

Don’t Forget Networking Time

Networking time is an important part of any corporate event. Time to connect with colleagues and other industry professionals makes event attendees feel more relaxed. It can add just as much value as those speeches you’ve planned. Attendees will also be more focused during the speeches if they’ve had the time to unwind with casual conversation.

Personalise Your Invitations

It might be easier to shoot off a bulk email invitation, but the personal touch really pays off. Consider the way you feel when you receive an invitation personally addressed to you, as opposed to one addressed to “Dear Sir/Madam.” When an invitation bears your name, you feel like the person organising the event really wants you there. When the invitation is generic, you feel like you’re just one of many. Personal invitations have a much higher acceptance rate, so it’s worth making the extra effort.

Make Your Event Social-Ready

Companies use social media all the time to generate buzz about their products and services, so it makes sense to use popular social platforms to get people excited about your event. Facebook makes it easy to create an event page where you can share information about the event and answer questions from attendees. Your social pages are also a great place to share photos from the event and debrief after it wraps up. Remember to create a hashtag(#) for your event too to leverage social media mentions.

If your budget extends, you could also create an app for your event. More companies are creating event apps with schedules, instructions for getting to the venue, and other useful information for attendees.

Hire a Room at Canada Bay Club

The venue is one of the most important considerations for any corporate event, but if you book a room at Canada Bay Club you can feel confident you’re making the right decision.

This vibrant club in the Sydney inner-west suburb of Five Dock has three beautiful function rooms catering for intimate groups and larger parties up to 300. Each has audiovisual equipment, a private bar, and comfortable facilities. You can choose from a range of food and beverage packages, allowing your guests to enjoy cocktail food, sit down meals, or lavish hot and cold buffets. Canada Bay Club’s professional function team will also help support you through the process, so you’ll have less to worry about.

Keep this advice in mind, and you can feel confident you’ll organise a corporate event that attendees will love.