Community is at the heart of Canada Bay Club and we’re thrilled to be able to support many local organisations and initiatives through our ClubGRANTS program. 2021 threw us more challenges and meant that we were often unable to get out in the community, but one thing we’re thrilled about hasn’t changed is our ability to assist funding programs and community initiatives that need that supportWe’re always surprised by the number of applications we receive from all types of groups, supporting different corners of society across Inner West Sydney. Thank you to all the amazing people, (including every single volunteer) across the Inner West who are integral in keeping these endeavours running.

We’re delighted to have assisted 15 local community organisations in the Inner West. Each applied requiring support for a project or cause set-up to aid some of the most disadvantaged in our society – from the disabled or the hearing and sight impaired, to vulnerable children in our local area, including refugees and asylum seekers. We’re so pleased to be able to make a difference in a small way.

Grant Beneficiaries allocated by Canada Bay Council

These grants were allocated by Canada Bay Council and include the following beneficiaries:

A volunteer assistance program for families, seniors and people living with disabilities in the Burwood area.

Working with children and young people, “Wrapped in Angels” provides support for young people who identify as LGBTQI+ in the community.

Delivering award-winning community education programs designed to keep children safe, supported and loved.

A national non-profit organisation working to re-connect people through the power of therapy dogs.

A registered charity that improves the employability of disadvantaged women in NSW. Thrive for Success is a Career Support Program providing coaching and career development tools to help women get back to work.

Providing support for vulnerable children in school through three programs: Psychology in Schools, Counting for Life and Reading for Life.

A Mentoring Program for Refugees and Asylum Seekers, including assisting students in schools and adult literacy programs.

Offering music therapy and community programs to help people of all ages and circumstances to get the most from life. In this instance providing Music Therapy at Concord Hospital for cancer patients.

Supporting and training disabled people to encourage independence and meaningful connection in the community. Currently focusing on teaching the important life skill of financial literacy.

Providing a youth mentoring program for children, at Concord High School. Utilising one-to-one volunteer support to empower young children and to provide a friendly sounding board for discussing challenges.

St Merkorious Charity has a simple mission to relieve hunger and poverty by providing access to healthy food, clothing and essential items for day-to-day livingTheir new project is a Community Choir in Rhodes, open to everyone in the community.

The Royal Life Saving Society works tirelessly to facilitate healthy, active lifestyles and prevent drowning, by equipping all Australians with water safety skills. They were successful in receiving a grant for an Aquatic Public Rescue System for Canada Bay.

Focused on “giving deaf children a voice”, The Shepherd Centre has developed two programs for deaf children in Canada Bay: Confident Kids and Hear for You.

This inspiring not-for-profit sets out to create a more inclusive world and delivers this through its Livvi’s Place playgrounds across Australia. Touched by Olivia is now working on a new “Living Room” concept – a community space where everybody is welcome. This will be located in Timbrell Park.

The blindness and low vision services offered by Vision Australia provide timely access to vision related specialists for Canada Bay residents. An integral service for our community’s visually impaired.

Presentation of ClubGRANT Funding

We were delighted to recently meet the team from “Learning Links” to personally present them with their ClubGRANTS funding. The funds will support three programs, each working with vulnerable students at Strathfield North Public School and Concord Public School. “Psychology in Schools” will focus on in-school mental health, resilience, and wellbeing, addressing concerns such as anxiety and depression. The “Counting for Life” and “Reading for Life” programs will support disadvantaged children specifically with numeracy and literacy. Our thanks go to Don Tilley and Elli Loboja from Learning Links for the essential work they are doing with the younger members of our community.

ClubGRANT scheme support to other local groups

In addition to the ClubGRANTS awarded above, 11 other local Inner West groups were funded by direct application to Canada Bay Club during July and August:

Wheels of Glory Club President, Mr Larry Mussalino recently attended the Club to receive his grant cheque. Over the past three years Wheels of Glory has raised funds to help people in need, not just in the Canada Bay area but also further afield. They most recently organised a collection for the flood victims in the Hawkesbury area and have raised money to buy a community van utilised in situations of need.

“We’re delighted to support these local community groups and in the last year have provided over $236,000 in financial support to local schools, sporting groups and community organisations. We’ve had long-standing relationships with some of these causes, however we’re equally pleased to get-to-know any local groups needing our help!” said Douglas Kirkham, Canada Bay Club General Manager.

If you’re interested in applying for funding, please complete the application form by clicking here. Funding runs from September to August.