In the 2014-2015 financial year, Canada Bay Club distributed more than $400,000 to community organisations in the Five Dock area. Through this funding, local schools purchased books and laptops. Sporting teams bought jerseys and sporting equipment and paid for first aid officers to attend their games. Other community groups used the funding to provide social group activities and outings for their members. If you’d like to apply for a share of Canada Bay Club’s community funding this financial year, make sure you follow this step-by-step process.

Log on to Community Funding Online Application Page and Create Account

All Canada Bay Club’s community grants must be lodged online at ClubGRANTS Canada Bay Club. You must create an account on this page before you start working on your application. Take note of your login details and share them with anyone else in your organisation who’ll also work on the application. Only one person can work on an application at any one time.

Work Through the Online Application

The online application form has space for you to share details about your organisation, its funding history, your new proposal, and your preferred payment method. You can complete these fields in sequential order or jump from section to section using the form navigation contents box on every page of the application. Remember to save as you go to ensure you don’t lose any of your answers.

Take note of the word limits on some fields and do not exceed them. However, these questions do require more comprehensive answers than others in the application, so think carefully about these responses and make every word count. Your responses are an important way for your organisation to prove its credibility and that it’s deserving of funding, so make sure your responses are considered and persuasive.

Save Your Application at Any Time

At any time, you can save your application and come back to complete it later. This is a useful tool for organisations with several people involved in applying for grants. Simply press “save” and log out at any time. When you’re ready to resume your application, log back into the site and click “my submissions” at the top of the page.

Review Your Application

Once you’ve completed the grant application, make sure you review it carefully to ensure you’ve completed all compulsory fields. Moreover, look out for spelling and grammatical errors, as these can make your application appear unprofessional. Most Internet browsers have spell check that can catch some errors, but you shouldn’t rely on them to catch all problems, such as grammatical mistakes or incorrect word choices.

You can download your application as a printable PDF if you prefer to proofread a paper document. This can also be passed around to other people within your organisation for further proofreading.

Lodge Your Application Before 2015-2016 Deadline

Once you’re satisfied with your application, lodge it by clicking “submit” at the top of the webpage or on the navigation panel. You cannot edit your application after its lodgement.

All community grants for the 2015-2016 financial year must be lodged no later than midnight (Australian Eastern Standard Time) on July 31, 2016. Any applications submitted after this time will not be considered for this funding period.

You will receive an automated confirmation email with a copy of your submitted application once it’s lodged. If you do not receive this email, your application may not have reached us. Make sure you check your junk mail folder for this email.

If you have any questions about Canada Bay Club’s community fundingor the application process, please contact Jacqueline Collins, Canada Bay Club’s ClubGRANTS Coordinator at (02) 9713-4322 or through email at