How To Host A Party That Both Kids & Adults Will Enjoy

Hosting a party can be stressful enough when you’re just catering to one age bracket, but when you need to ensure that both your adult and child guests will have an enjoyable experience, it can suddenly begin to overwhelm you as you try to work out the best approach, especially if the children are a mixture of toddlers, primary school age children and teenagers! So what can you do to create an event that will allow everyone to relax and enjoy themselves?

Pick a theme that transcends generations

If your party is going to have a theme, pick something that both adults and kids will enjoy: White Winter, Tropical Holiday, Nature, Animals and other generic themes are the best options as both adults and children can have fun getting into character or wearing something a little bit quirky. This theme can also inform your food choices, activities and music… just make sure the music is child-friendly (no curse words!).

Ensure there is kid friendly food

While you will definitely come across at least one child who has developed a palate that enjoys oysters and pate (and who insists on at least trying the smoked salmon), the majority of them are still stuck on sausages, burgers, chips and other more basic, everyday flavours. Ensure there is plenty of food that children will enjoy to keep them occupied while the adults enjoy something a little more refined… and we recommend keeping the sugar to a minimum, to keep hyperactivity down.

Organise crafts and games for the children

One of the best ways to keep children occupied is with lots of activities designed just for them, preferably the kind that doesn’t require too much adult supervision. Think colouring in, Lego and easy board games like Snakes and Ladders for the younger ones (although all kids love Lego) and move up from there: the older kids will enjoy slightly more involved crafts like making masks or friendship bracelets.

Consider hiring a babysitter

If you’ve got LOTS of children attending and want the adults to mingle without too much interruption, consider hiring a babysitter or two for the event. They can keep the children occupied, resolve spats and put any sleep children to bed when the time comes for it.

Move anything fragile

Fact: if it’s below four feet, it will get touched, so if you’re worried about anything fragile or even sentimental, consider moving it to higher ground or even locking it up in a room that won’t be used during the party. You might even consider taking your pets to another family member’s house for the day, as pets can often become distressed when descended upon by lots of grubby little hands. We also recommend hiding anything electronic, even the smallest of children can operate a smartphone these days, so they’re best left out of sight.


Don’t want the hassle of doing it all yourself? At Canada Bay Club, we have a great range of function halls or private dining rooms, as well as a games room where children of all ages are entertained. We can even cater for different tastes with lots of delicious canapés and other treats. If you’re looking to host an event where everyone will have a great time, why not talk to one of our event managers today?