In the Inner West suburb of Canada Bay is an inspiring school called Lucas Gardens. You may have heard of it – it’s been educating children with special needs for 30 years. Recently the school facilities have been upgraded with the construction of a brand-new state-of-the-art school, including a hydrotherapy centre. Let’s take a look at this brilliant school in our own Canada Bay backyard.

Lucas Gardens School is a newly re-opened learning centre that provides educational programs for students with intellectual and physical disabilities, sensory impairments and complex medical conditions. The school currently has six classes from Kindergarten to Year 12 and retains two places for part-time enrolments for students in respite care at Summer Hill Respite Centre, Ashfield.

The staff at the school is made up of enthusiastic and talented educators and support staff with a wealth of knowledge and skills in special education in order to support and enhance student learning. The dedicated staff work in partnership with parents and carers, therapists and the school community to achieve positive learning outcomes for all the students.

What do the children learn?

Lucas Gardens School Principal, Jenny Zagas, describes the school as follows, “It’s a school with a strong teaching and learning culture, we foster student learning so that students can take their skills beyond the class room walls and into the wider community.”

The education programs at the school are delivered within the guidelines of the Department of Education curriculum. The educators strive to create a safe, appropriate and exciting learning environment for the students, regardless of the student’s individual circumstances.

Students participate in English, Mathematics, Creative Arts, Physical Education, Technology, History, Geography and Science lessons. The school also offers customised learning opportunities through programs including music, physiotherapy, Occupational therapy and speech pathology.

How does the school operate?

As a Department of Education school, Lucas Gardens enjoys strong support from service organisations and the wider community, which sees the students benefit from enriched resources, such as the new hydrotherapy centre.

Lucas Gardens Hydrotherapy Centre

So what is the purpose of this new facility? It’s a learning environment that facilitates the Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE) curriculum through the teaching of functional movement and swimming skills

As one of the schools in Canada Bay Club’s local community, we’re proud to support the development of the new facilities by providing funding to assist the school to operate the Hydrotherapy Centre.

As well as cutting-edge indoor facilities, Lucas Gardens School provides outdoor learning environments. The fragrant sensory garden, liberty swing and outdoor play equipment create an exceptional learning environment to support students achieving their individual learning goals and maximise their independence.

Do the students use technology?

One of the school’s goals is to ensure students are developing communication, fine motor and literacy and numeracy skills, all of which can be attained through the use of technology, including iPads and Smart boards. Developing these essential skills will take the students beyond the classroom and into the local community where they can participate and engage with other members of society.

Overall, Lucas Gardens School’s priorities are positioned around encouraging student autonomy, quality curriculum implementation, best-practice teaching and learning, as well as improving student learning outcomes and the students’ wellbeing.

Canada Bay Club is proud to support Lucas Gardens School and we look forward to contributing more and watching the progress of all Lucas Garden School’s students as the years go by.