Welcome to Baysia, an esteemed institution that has graced the heart of Inner West for an astonishing three decades, nestled within the inviting confines of Canada Bay Club. Baysia’s legacy is deeply intertwined with the fabric of our community, an enduring restaurant cherished by both devoted members and beloved locals. From its very inception, this culinary gem has delighted palates with the freshest and most tantalizing Chinese fare, presented in the choice of a la carte elegance or the communal joy of banquets.

Craving the indulgence of an exquisite Peking Duck, or perhaps the irresistible allure of Crispy Skin Chicken? Look no further, for the Lau family stand ready to deliver a wide range of modern and classic Chinese flavours, night after night, even during leisurely lunch hours. The restaurant also boasts a well-stocked bar, with an array of beverage options to suite the whole family.

Reflecting upon the passage of time, Mr. Lau speaks fondly of the enduring relationships that have blossomed over the years. Here, generations of patrons return, for Baysia has become an integral part of their cherished family traditions and celebrations, from the warm embrace of Mother’s Day gatherings to the joyous commemoration of birthdays and anniversaries.

Baysia is open seven days a week for lunch and dinner.

Daily from 12pm-3pm

Sunday-Thursday 5.30pm-9.30pm
Friday and Saturday 5.30pm-10.30p

Ph: (02) 8752 5566